Sherlock Holmes in Japan
by Keith E. Webb

Sherlock Holmes in Japan
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Sherlock Holmes in Japan

For the first time English language readers can explore Japan's fascination with Sherlock Holmes. In this unique Sherlockian study, Keith Webb, the editor of The Dispatch Box, the only English language newsletter about Japanese Sherlockians, presents an insider's look into the largest Sherlock Holmes movement in the world.

Sherlock Holmes in Japan traces Holmes' first appearance in the Nihonjin magazine in 1894 all the way to present day Japan Sherlock Holmes Club events. You'll read about humorous contextualized translations such as The Bald-Headed League, and the use of Japanese names for Holmes and Watson. You will be introduced to famous Japanese Sherlockians, and discover what made the Holmes stories one of the most coveted books by Japanese soldiers in W.W.II.

Read about:

  • The founding of the Baritsu Chapter of the Baker Street Irregulars
  • The Japan Sherlock Holmes Club
  • Famous Japanese Sherlockians
  • The real-life Moriarty of Japan

Did you know:

  • The Japan Sherlock Holmes Club has more than 1200 active members?
  • Thirty-two JSHC members have married each other?
  • The world's first life-sized standing Sherlock Holmes statue is in Japan?
  • Sherlock Holmes is the most popular book among Jr. High School students?

Also, every reference to Japan in the Canon is explained in detail. Where is Nara? What is Shoso-in? Where did Holmes learn Baritsu? And more! (View the table of contents.)

Kiyoshi Tanaka, one of the most prominent Japanese Sherlockians, wrote the Foreword and calls Sherlock Holmes in Japan ". . . a bridge between Japanese Sherlockians and the rest of the world." Read the entire Foreword by clicking here.

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  • ISBN 0-9665658-1-9
  • Trade paperback, 97 pages
  • $10.00
  • Publication date: September 1998

40th Japan Sherlock Holmes Club National Convention, March 1998
Kakuko Harada, Peter Blau, Keith Webb, Yuichi Hirayama

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Keith Webb
January 2004

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